Tweaking and New Challenges

Tweaking it seems isn't as complicated as I first thought and with the help of "support" I'm progressing in a forward manner. I don't imagine this site will take on many more outward changes(edits), but who knows?  Time will tell.

So onward to the painting challenges. My masa paper arrived today just as I finished  a proto-type for teaching a project in watercolor sometime in the future.(No dates planned but I like to "keep ahead" and offer various options to my classes).  I have the wallpaper sizing and old sheets of watercolor paper---"goes unders" to borrow a phrase from fellow artist, Brenda Harris(a great instructor in acrylic).

I'm choosing flowers and shells as subject matters for this challenge to myself.  I have some pre-cut mats I can use with either quarter or half sheets of watercolor paper so that will be my size.

In addition to the above, I have also received Jane Angelhart's palette of paints for watercolor portraits. I'll be splitting my time between portraits and masa paintings unless I get myself side-tracked---come on I am an artist!

I will reveal to all that I do my fair share of procrastinating when it comes to "getting started".  In my mind's eye I can see the end result. Once "into it" I usually work with confidence to completion.  I have what many artist's have; that fear of the "polar bear in the blinding snowstorm" white paper staring at me with such starkness that all I can see is the fiber of the paper or the texture of the canvas!

Deep breath and deep sigh!  Like the old saying goes; time to make hay while the sun shines.

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via deborahkaynees.com
I found it! This is great. I checked the box so I will get updates. This is so professional and appears to be complete. When you add to the site it just makes it better, but there is so much now.

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