March forth, weather, into spring, is what I'm thinking as I look out at the "rain" which nearly blankets my view with that white stuff. It's not unpretty out there.  It's sticking to the high spots on the trees and pines.  I probably should have started the woodstove but I believed the weatherman when he said, flood advisory until tomorrow night.


Is Nature playing tricks on me now that I've lined up all my spring paintings subjects?  I had a good time going through the photographs and have even painted a couple watercolors of spring colors already.  I have such in inventory of winter subjects and must admit I haven't painted many seaosnal subjects this winter.  One can only have so many paintings of a particular season.


My bulbs are up and crocus are in bloom (not today did they open up and who can blame them!).  I believed the ground hog and I know better.  In the mountains weather is fickle as fickle can be and Spring doesn't officially get here until March 20. Tell me, then, why do we change times this weekend? 


I'm going to push through this mood I'm in (and I had to turn on the lights as I type this), defy the weather and paint bright and springy themes.  The season will eventually catch up with me, won't it?




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via deborahkaynees.com
This painting looks familiar, it's beautiful. The sun will shine soon and you will be painting more flowers.

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