Steam Heat in July

July is one of my favorite months of the year.  I show locally outdoors (less than a mile away, actually) every Brycefest. This year it was July 2nd. There's lots of vendors, live entertainment and it finishes with "the best fireworks" in the county. I get to visit with friends, neighbors and many, many visitors.Other than being at the elements of the weather, which happens in every outdoor venue, it was a pleasant, if not a tad bit warm, day.


I was surprised at my sales---an increase over the past couple years.  I was told that the numbers at this show were higher than previous years.  Light bulbs are going off and  now I'm re-thinking about showing more myself at indoor and outdoor venues this year, in fact. My rooster went to a new home (it's shown with this blog) and my opening page now shows one of the other sold paintings!


I've been thinking about lots of painting subjects.  I ordered prints of photos I've taken for reference which have arrived.  I could have waited until I downloaded some great flower shots that I took yesterday when I went to an Open House of a Master Gardener.  Oh, well.  What's another order!


I finished a small masa rose watercolor and have some tweaking left to do on a hibiscus.  My little squirrel is also finished. I keep looking at my supply of canvases  thinking I need a turpentine and linseed oil fix but it takes much less time to paint in watercolor.


I broke down and started my lawn chair for "Friends of the North Fork of The Shenandoah River".  It's one of those 1950's metal lawn chairs. The benefit auction isn't until autumn but the artists painting the chairs are already getting email reminders (probably a good thing) I worked up the design last week and now it's the challenge, remembering that "sticky is icky"----I just dug through a stickly area----which has always caused me difficulty when I paint in acrylics! Maybe it's finally dry so I can get back to it. 






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via debbienees.com
I will miss the Rooster, watching it come to life was a great joy. I love having your work on my walls.

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