April Fool's Day

"April Fool"!  This is actually a March blog------alack and alas, I didn't meet my goal of two blogs this past month but can I fool you into believing this is my March blog?  No.  OK.  I have been busy though.  I've been building up my inventory of watercolor cards---and sending out more than than usual during the month personally so no gain there in actuality!


I finished  another spring scene in a long format which turned out pretty well.  I'm essentially done with my "spring-cleaning inside" and outside my perennials are planted (and some hardy annuals) and I've even planted some vegetables.  I've prepared seedling pots for the rest of my seeds which I'll let the grandchildren plant when they visit Easter Sunday---the whole day can't be filled with church services and the Easter egg hunt and dinner.  I'm hoping the weather holds!


It' been an early spring and things bloomed about a month early forcing me to have to hustle outside with planting  preparations and such.  It's my reason for not painting more.  I will have plenty of undivided painting time (when I'm not surveying the "north forty" and have to stop to weed or tranplant a wayward hollyhock or think about other household chores) because  I'm going on a painting seminar "to the beach" and will have lots of unscheduled time to "just paint" for myself.  It's always good to go away and be amongst kindred souls and re-energize the spark of creativity that's been pushed aside this past month.


I have to get my camera out and take a few shots of spring to inspire some more paintings and also photo my current batch so I can prove I've not been entirely idle in that area.   Happy spring and Happy Easter everyone!


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