Mmmm; Lilacs

Lilacs are blooming as are apple blossoms.  The whirly helicopters on the maples are abundant and I've just read a blog by Moshe Mikanvosky in which he asked, "Am I an Artist?"  It's a worthwhile read and speaks to many of us when we let doubts enter our artistic souls.  Essentially he says (and I agree) that artists must share their gifts.  Not always are we going to be economically successful yet our challenges and successes are real as well as important. We sometimes forget that.


I mentioned in my last blog that I was neglectful of photographing my latest work.  I have now done that and have finally, with some difficulty this time, uploaded to my portfolio my new work.  Some I will save for my "Masters Collection".  One will be included in this blog and the others I will place into respective collections, eventually.  I mean, I did just change out a bunch recently.


Uploading and editing was more complicated this time.  My usual way of doing it is no longer viable on faso----that's OK , really---but getting used to a new and different editing program is challenging. I admit I did go back to my familiar editing program ( I still can't take a photo without including a background of the easel and other things!) still on Picasa and it seems to have worked out well.  Now all I have to do is remember what I've just done for next time!


Reading Moshe's blog with his unique name reminded me of a friend (who also had a unique name) who's birthday it would have been today had he not lost his battle to cancer quite a few years ago.  He was a "good Bud" to our family. Memories of "good Bud"  lead me to memories of others also gone; family, other friends.  Is it because this is the Easter season?  For those of us who believe, it is. Resurrection is real for us, a very special time. One of my favorite sermons is titled "Friday may be here; but Sunday's a comin'".  It sums up the Easter message pretty well, I think.  Happy Easter!




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