Masa Paper Challenges

Trial by fire is an expression I can use in describing my working with masa paper and watercolor. I mixed up the sizing  (according to directions pretty much) but didn't first have my subjects traced or drawn onto the masa paper before I soaked and pasted it to the watercolor paper. My advise: definitely draw off subject and if you trace use a light touch, just enough so you can make out your lines.

Next kinda error I made----again, not following the instructions I received while taking a workshop using this masa paper---was that I was pressing too hard with my rolling devise (couldn't find my rolling pin which I think would have worked wonderfully---wonder: did hubby hide it from me fearing any future wrath?  I know I haven't used it in baking for more than a decade!).  Instead I used  a seam roller, the kind you use for actual wallpapering.  While narrow, it accomplished what was needed. 

Back to pressing too hard: I did break into the masa paper's delicate surface so avoid doing such and save yourself  later situations to deal with like not getting a hard edge where you want it.  Part of the beauty and fun with masa is the paint going into all the little nooks and crannies and not getting many hard edges. If you do want and have planned for a hard edge here or there it behooves you to have that delicate touch in using the rolling (attaching one sheet to the watercolor paper using sizing as you glue) devise.

Re-wetting the paper was no problem as I first thought it may be.  I just used my spray bottle and it was just the same as if the paper was still wet from the gluing(sizing) process.  I've been happy in that regard because I like to be like a butterfly and flit from one painting to another.  I still have no complete paintings to photo but will add when I do. Working with masa has been fun.  It's worth giving it a try!
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